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rehearsals - green room

3 rooms with heating, fresh-air circulation and ground-floor loading

Open 10am - 11pm every day (except Saturday 10am - 5pm)

Room rates include PA & mics. From there you can customise your booking by adding the gear you need, so you can easily see what the overall price will be.

Set up a regular weekly booking and get 10% off!

Strings, picks, sticks, batteries, fuses, snacks & refreshments (inc REAL coffee!)

We also offer an in-house guitar and bass set-up service, drum tuning and a referral to an excellent local amp repair service.

For cancellation policy see 'Prices' page

Each room is equipped with:

a 300 watt Yamaha PA - the mics are all genuine Shure SM58's

Five piece drum kit available for each room:

Either a Yamaha Stage Custom or a Pearl EXR

cymbals too:

Zildjian ZBT/ZHT; Paiste PST5/200/400; Sabian B8 (more bronze, less brass!)

Guitar, bass and keyboard amps available (Marshall, Ashdown, Laney, McKenzie, Peavey, Behringer, Carlsboro, H/H) and 4x12 cabs.


pic of studio

We offer clients a comfortable and creative environment for writing, playing and recording.

There is no time constraint to your booking – you can book an hour, a day, a week, whatever you want. Please call us with any enquiries or to discuss your project.

The 'vibe' is relaxed and informal - we're a small, independent studio and have enjoyed working successfully with bands, both local and from further afield, for over two decades.

Our resident engineer, Dave Curle, has over twenty years experience recording bands, solo artists and a myriad of other projects.

Check out some of our recent tracks here

Studio Equipment

We are currently running a Pro Tools TDM HD2 Accel system (96 tracks @ 96kHz, 16 analogue i/o's with Pro Tools 10HD software), giving us the ability to produce industry- standard quality material which can sit comfortably side by side with any studio in the business.

We have literally thousands of pounds worth of microphones, instruments, outboard units & plug-ins, from vintage gems, classics, to state-of-the-art.

We strive to achieve the best balance between up-to-date digital systems and classic analogue / valve, with the emphasis always on getting the right sound for you.

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