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The building

The studios are spread over two floors. The main entrance on the ground floor takes you into the reception area. The ground floor houses our three good sized rehearsal rooms (all with drum risers) and one live room wired to the recording studio upstairs.

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The recording studio takes up the entire first floor, and has a dedicated entrance at the side of the building. The control room is sizable and we have comfy sofas for those who are not recording at that moment to chill and listen to proceedings.

The upstairs live room has a dedicated area for vocals, and plenty of room for amp set-ups. The downstairs live room is a spacious, full height, custom-built area which is normally used for drums, but is big enough for full-band set-ups and video work if desired.

All-in-all we offer a very creative and flexible working environment for all your recording needs.

Click on parts of the building (twice on a mobile) in the pic below to explore First Avenue!

image of ground floor of first avenue image of top floor of first avenue
glow on 3d image of firstave recording rooms
glow on 3d image of firstave rehearsal rooms