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Recording - FAQ's

Can you fix up some dodgy recordings we did elsewhere?

It may be possible to improve things somewhat, although if they weren't done in Pro Tools we would be a bit limited as to what we could effectively do. We would always strive to offer clear and impartial advice as to the best options available to you.

Does the time I book include mixing and mastering?

We charge for the time spent in the studio, not by the specific job you are doing. In other words, when you come in we take you through the whole process, from set-up, sound check, recording, over-dubbing, mixing and final production of your master CD. This will be a professionally finished product sounding like any commercially available CD out there. From this you can make multiple copies to suit yourselves, upload your tunes to the internet or take it to a professional mastering house should you wish. The process of mastering is very different to the process of recording, and a recording studio such as ours is not equipped for mastering. Any recording studio that claims to also do mastering is being a bit naughty, really, or at least mis-using the M word.

How long does it take to do a song?

Many factors make this difficult to predict. Obviously if your material is complex and requires a lot of tracking / over-dubbing this will affect the time factor; as will yourselves being well rehearsed! But by a rough rule-of-thumb estimate you should allow at least 3-4 hours per song. Having said that, if you book more studio time than you end up needing, we won't charge you for it. Can't say fairer than that...

Can I come in with backing tracks and just record vocals? Can I just do drums?

Absolutely. And yes, if that's all you need to do.

Can I come back to continue working on a session, or to finish off?

Yes, we back up and archive everything so you can resume work another day.

Do you do multiple CD copies?

No.  We supply the master CD, and a handful of copies, typically just for the band members (subject to time). But if you want multiple copies, we can recommend a specialist firm.
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