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Rehearsals - FAQ's

Will I be disturbed by the racket coming from the band in the next-door room?

We have installed state-of-the-art sound-proofing in each of our rehearsal rooms, including lead-lined walls, sand pugging, room-within-a-room technology utilising heavy duty wall constructions and double leaf soundproof door systems. We are confident that you will not suffer from any noticeable noise intruding into your space while rehearsing. In fact in nearly twenty five years we have never had a single complaint of this nature.

Do you take cards?

Yup. All the normal debit and credit cards with our snazzy contactless payment machine.

Do you rent gear out for gigs?

Sorry, No

Can you provide storage for my gear?

We have a very limited amount of storage space, this is reserved for our regular bookers, and is subject to availability.

Does my booking include get-in/get-out time?

We run a tight ship here – bookings are made on the hour, and do not include a specific get-in / get-out time. What this means is that it is possible that your room will be in use right before and/or after you. We ask bands to consider other users and vacate promptly. Having said that, if the room is not booked before or after you then the pressure is off and we can all relax.

What is your cancellation policy?

For regulars we need a week's notice. For all other bookings we need 48 hours notice. Late cancellations will incur a fee which is the cost of the room, less any gear. If we manage to book the room out to someone else you won't pay it. No shows will incur the full fee (room plus gear).
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