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rehearsals - green room

3 rooms with heating, fresh-air circulation and ground-floor loading

Open 10am - 11pm every day (except Saturday 10am - 5pm)

Room rates include PA & mics. From there you can customise your booking by adding the gear you need, so you can easily see the total price.

Set up a regular weekly booking and get 10% off!

Strings, picks, sticks, batteries, fuses, snacks & refreshments (inc REAL coffee!)

We also offer an in-house guitar and bass set-up service, drum tuning and a referral to an excellent local amp repair service.

For cancellation policy see 'Prices' page

Each room is equipped with:

a 600 watt Yamaha or Mackie PA - the mics are all genuine Shure SM58's

Five piece drum kit available for each room:

Either a Yamaha Stage Custom or a Pearl EXR

cymbals too:

Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Meinl (all bronze, no brass!)

Guitar, bass and keyboard amps available (Marshall, Ashdown, Laney, McKenzie, Peavey, Behringer, Carlsboro, H/H) and 4x12 cabs.